Bubblewrap Collective started back in 2009.

A simple, humble idea. Our aim: To put out good music. Pretty basic really. That ethos still stands to this day. However, some things have changed since the late 00’s. We’ve welcomed new acts to the label. Said goodbye to a few. Plus, we’re increasingly on a mission to produce pure objects of aural desire. Where we can, we press to vinyl, but we always aim to put something out that looks, sounds, feels, smells and, yes, tastes utterly gorgeous.

The advent of digital technology and downloading hasn’t passed us by.  As such you’ll find that all of our releases are available in that format. But even if one of our albums or EPs is restricted to that, we can provide an ironclad guarantee that we’ve done everything in our power to make it as special as it possibly can be. And that you’ll value it as the piece of art.

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