Learn how to VJ and create Audio Visual content for domes! Discover the digital arts in 360º.

What are you going to learn:
  • The history of Art in Fulldome.
  • Domemaster Content Creation.
  • Fulldome Mapping
  • VJ in Fulldome

United VJs creatively integrates the digital arts using projection mapping, software programming, sound and video art. They are an international crew from São Paulo, with partners across Brazil and the World.

This workshop is for those who like the digital media and are captivated in using video art in their work and artistic expression.This opportunity is unique not only for those interested in a new career but also for you: VJ and Video Artist to deepen and update your knowledge in a new artistic medium.

Full two day workshop cost is £180. You will have access to all the modules and also to the performance on the 23rd May by United VJs at CULTVR Lab.


You must have a basic knowledge of computers and an interest in the arts.


Macbook Pro, Mac Pro or iMac with Core2Duo or higher processor and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Windows 7 SP 1 or later. Windows 10 i7 Processor, 2.5 GHz NVidia GTX 1080 SSD 250 gb 16GB Ram or more.

SOFTWARE (preferable already installed)

Blends Dome VJ
Cinema 4D, with the Blendy 360 Cam extension
FDVJ Plugins
Adobe After Effects
– Modul8


DAY 1 – SATURDAY , 23 of MAY 2020

Module 1 – FulldomeVJing – 3h –

11:00 – Introduction to Fulldome and VJ with the “Spherical Revolution”.
12:00 – Fulldome Lingo (Zenith, Azimuth, Horizon, Area of interest)
13:00 – Production methodology / workflow from the United VJs.
13:45 – “Domecracy” – Artists´ video statements.
14:00 – Fim

Module 2 – Blendy 360 CAM & Cinema 4D – 3h

14:00 – BLENDY 360º CAM presentation.
14:30 – BLENDY 360º CAM hands on demonstration.
15:00 – Cinema 4D Effects: X-Particles, Forester, Signal, Unfold, etc..
16:00 – Render Configuration , Render Farms
17:00 – End

DAY 2 – SUNDAY, 24 of MAY 2020

Module 3 – Blendy Dome VJ – 2h –

10:00 – BLENDY DOME VJ– software demonstration.
11:30  – Lens calculation, projector position, custom resolutions.
12:00  – Distort, Blend, Lock and GO!
13:00  – End

Module 4 – FDVJ & Spatial Audio – 4h

14:00 – Spatial Audio Introduction – Ambisonics & Audio rendering.
15:00 – FDVJ: a series of FreeFrame GL plugins for Fulldome VJ sets.
16:00 – Practice Session
18:00 – End