Since November 2019, CULTVR has provided a distinctive backdrop to its range of activities including live music, art installations, exhibitions, tech demonstrations, seminars, workshops, film screenings, festivals, artistic residencies and AV shows. 



CULTVR welcomes and actively encourages collaborations from a diverse range of artistic and scientific practices to support Research and Development opportunities that aim to inspire bold and innovative approaches to XR experiences. Underpinned by a team of highly skilled creatives and in-house technicians, the Lab provides a testing bed for academics, artists and practitioners to prototype immersive techniques and new technologies in an open shared environment. Activity ranges from collaborations with universities and colleges, STEAM curriculums and performing arts organisations interested in merging the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. 


Audiovisual performances are featured regularly within the Lab’s programme pushing how immersive technologies can offer audiences new ways to experience live music. This includes co-productions with Wales-based bands and artists such as Juniper by Slowly Rolling Camera and Black Mantis by Deri Roberts. 

CULTVR Live Sessions are available to watch on demand on our website and feature live performances surrounded by immersive 360º visuals. 


Embracing digital media and experiential activities through visual arts is an important aspect of CULTVR’s portfolio. From curated exhibitions by CULTVR’s own Janire Najera and Matt Wright, and guest photographers Gareth Phillips and Michal Iwanowski to showcasing local talents Nathan Wyburn, Kamil D’ Jantos and The Umbrella Collective among many more. The Lab regularly hosts University of South Wales’ Documentary Photography Course students’ projects and offers a flexible and tailored approach to presenting artworks. 


Dance plays an integral role in CULTVR’s programme, presenting and partnering with some of the most talented companies, choreographers and dancers in Wales. Highlights include Liminality, an international co-production between 4Pi Productions and Society for Arts and Technology in Montréal (SAT) commissioned as part of the UK India Year of Culture. It was developed specifically for the dome theatre and premiered in Montreal with a two-week run. 

Guest companies featured: Richard Chapelle / Infinite Ways Home; Ballet Cymru / ‘Poems and Tiger Eggs’; Kitsch & Sync / DECADE DANCE; Dance Blast / ReKindle; Jack Philp / Opto Nano.


CULTVR Lab is at the forefront of a new form of cinematic experience and curates a yearly programme of fulldome films known as Immersdiff. It explores various themes that feature live action, experimental, documentary, animation and educational STEAM based content. In partnership with 4Pi Productions, who have to date produced four 360º dance films with Wales-based artists, CULTVR has become part of an international network of fulldome venues sharing resources and content to be screened in its 100 seat cinema.


The Lab has played host to Welsh and UK based theatre companies providing a unique creative working environment to explore new ways of presenting theatrical productions. 

This includes internationally recognised Leeds based company Unlimited Theatre who developed their explorative piece, ‘Nervous, 1001 Stories to Save your Life’ with input from the Lab’s creative team. In addition, CULTVR hosts the creation period for productions such as Theatr Iolo and Kitsch & Sync’s outdoor family show ‘Hoof’ and Rocket Launch Blaenavon by Tin Shed Theatre Co. The eclectic programme has also included experimental circus, cabaret, stand-up comedy and theatrical science demonstrations.