We are excited to announce that our Catalyst 360° programme is now live! We are proud to present 6 virtual exhibitions the have been produced over the past two months.

The fourth showcase focuses on the work by Jerome Guilleaume. His work is an exploration of math as matter, through physical and virtual media. Using code as canvas, equations as paint and information as brush, this project showcases the result of years of exploration, trials and errors, finding beauty through the (often chaotic) process.

The virtual exhibition is set within CULTVR Lab where you can explore the space, the dome and more importantly, Jerome Guilleame’s installation Asynchronous.

Asynchronous is both a traditional showcase and an attempt to redefine exhibition spaces and time frames. 

By slowly shifting the exhibit environment, Guilleaume want the experience to be seen as an evolution, a passage through time. By disconnecting the frames from the environment, he uses this new space created in-between the medium and the gallery to invite new spaces to connect, hidden in the background or through floating windows.

Catalyst 360° has been supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

You can click HERE to explore the virtual exhibition.