The finale of the 'Fuzzy Logic' tour live in Cardiff, December 2016


In February 1996, the band’s debut on Creation, “Hometown Unicorn”, became New Musical Express’s Single of the Week, chosen by guest reviewers Pulp, and the first SFA single to chart in the UK Top 50, peaking at #47.
The follow-up, a re-recording of “God! Show Me Magic”, charted at #33 upon release in April 1996 and also became NME single of the week. Rawer than the “Moog Droog” version, it clocks in at only 1 min 50 secs. In May, their debut album Fuzzy Logic was released, again to wide critical acclaim. Sales were slow, with the album peaking at #23 in the charts, but it garnered a little more interest when next single “Something 4 The Weekend” (a reworked, more mellow version of the album track) was given considerable radio airplay and charted at #18 in July 1996.
The final single from the album, “If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You”, was to have been backed by a track called “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck”. However, there were problems in clearing a sample from “Showbiz Kids” by Steely Dan which formed the basis of the chorus, and it was switched for a different track. The single charted at #18. However, SFA regarded “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” as one of their best songs to date and continued their efforts to clear the sample. When they managed this, there was no upcoming release to attach it to – so it came out as a limited edition single in its own right, in December 1996. This ultimately cemented its legendary status and did much to establish SFA as cult heroes, as the song contained the word “fuck” over 50 times and therefore received practically no airplay. However, it hit #22 in the charts and became SFA’s standard closing number when they played live.

Chwefror 1996 – record gyntaf SFA i Creation : y sengl “Hometown Unicorn”.
Fe’i dewiswyd yn Sengl Yr Wythnos yn yr NME ( gan Pulp a oedd yn adolygwyr gwadd yr wythnos honno ).
Cyrhaeddodd y sengl y siartiau Prydeinig yn rhif 47.
Nesa, daeth “God! Show Me Magic” yn Ebrill 1996 – aeth hon i rif 33 yn y siartiau ac fe choronwyd hithau’n Sengl Yr Wythnos yn yr NME. Roedd hon yn fersiwn tipyn mwy amrwd na’r fersiwn a ymddangosodd ar ‘Moog Droog’ – 1 funud, 50eiliad o hyd.5
Dilynodd eu halbym gyntaf “Fuzzy Logic” ym mis Mai gan gyrraedd rhif 23 yn y siart albyms.
“Something 4 The Weekend” oedd y drydedd sengl oddi ar yr albym – cyrhaeddodd hon i rif 18 yn siartiau’r
senglau, Gorffennaf 1996. Y bwriad gwreiddiol gyda’r sengl ola oddi ar Fuzzy Logic , “If You Don’t Want Me To Destroy You”oedd cael y trac “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” i fynd gefn wrth gefn a hi. Fodd bynnag bu trafferth gyda chlirio sampl o’r gan “Showbiz Kids” gan Steely Dan sef asgwrn cefn y gytgan ac bu’n rhaid gollwng y trac funud olaf. Aeth y sengl i rif 18.
Ond fe barhaodd SFA gyda’u hymdrechion i glirio’r sampl’ac ymhen amser, yn Rhagfyr 1996, fe ryddhawyd sengl “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” ( nifer cyfyngedig). Roedd y sengl yn cynnwys y gair ‘fuck’ dros 50 o weithiau ac felly chafodd hi mo’i chwarae bron o gwbl, ar unrhyw donfedd. Serch hynny, fe gyrhaeddodd i rif 22 yn y siartiau a hi oedd y gan ( fersiwn estynedig iawn) a chwaraewyd yn gyson i orffen gigs byw SFA.

Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
CF10 2HJ
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